As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing by now, the Western Cape has experienced some beautiful snowfalls the past week. Certain parts of the Western and Northern Cape were covered in white blankets. Being the curious people us South Africans are, we naturally headed to Ceres in the direction of the fluffy white stuff. We were hoping to see the phenomenon with our own two eyes and of cause hopefully to create a snowman!

So one rainy Sunday morning we jumped in our little red car and headed to Ceres to see the snow that was all the rage on social media. Seeing as though we always take the N1 highway, we decided to take a more scenic route and the GPS pointed us in the direction of Paarl and Wellington to the Bains Kloof Pass. And what a pass it is!


Bains Kloof Pass is Not for the Fainthearted

A minute little road with trees and vegetation competing for attention on both sides of it and the mountain towering majestically behind it. Every now and then a car would speed pass and scare the living daylights out of us because the road is so narrow! But this definitely did not take away from the experience. However, the ride quickly became less and less about the snow and more about the privilege to be able to witness this beautiful sight.

There was a lesson in everything we saw. The majestic mountains made us realise just how small us humans are compared to mother nature. The little waterfalls alongside the road made us see that beauty can be created in the simplest of places. The little village we passed while driving through the pass reminded us never to make pre-judgements before first giving something a try. As we entered the quaint little town of Ceres, we saw a group of baboons, both young and old, frolicking on the golf course. This taught us not to always take life so seriously but to let go, be silly and take risks every once in a while.



Lessons Learnt from a Road Trip to Ceres

When the snow-capped mountains emerged in the distance, we had long forgotten our actual reason for taking the trip. It had become about living in the moment and not waiting for the destination. We didn’t get to lie on our backs on a snow covered ground and make butterflies with our arms. We didn’t get to build a snowman or take envy inducing selfies in the snow. There wasn’t any ground level snow anymore. Most of it had melted and the rest had been gathered and either thrown at each other or used to build little snowmen on car bonnets. We had also arrived too late to enter the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve for a walk up the mountain. But we didn’t mind, we had already gotten so much more out of our road trip.





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