Things have been very quiet on the blog front lately. Too quiet. But I’m back! Hubby and I recently took a trip to the Northern Cape and luckily for us it was still flower season. Flower season in the Northern Cape typically spells an explosion of colour in endless open spaces against the beautiful backdrop of mountains from August to September every year.

flower season in the Northern Cape

I’ve expressed my love and devotion for taking the road less travelled before and this time is no different. So while everyone was heading up the West Coast, we were on our way to Namaqualand in the Northern Cape. Even though our visit had absolutely nothing to do with flower season, I was obviously hoping to see something blooming marvelous. It took quite a while for the flower season in the Northern Cape to live up to its name as the little colourful things only made their appearance on our way back to Cape Town!

flower season in the Northern Cape

We had to make some inquiries with family members and take a different route but what a sight it was when we finally saw the flowers. The flowers were mostly on farms so we were quite limited in terms of access. But the that’s the beauty of taking the road less travelled, you can stop along the way and take your own sweet time snapping away and savouring the moment. And that’s exactly what we did!

flower season in the Northern Cape

If you’re headed to the Northern Cape solely for flower season, I would suggest you keep an eye on the SAN Parks Facebook page as well as the weather. The blooms are all about timing and knowing exactly where to get the best views of them. We came across quite a few tourists on the dirt roads who had no idea where they were going and luckily hubby is originally from the Northern Cape and could offer some assistance.

flower season in the Northern Cape

If you’re not up to the 7-9 hour drive to Namaqualand, why not visit one of the Cape region’s national parks! West Coast National Park is a burst of colour this time of the year and to top things off, it’s free week! That means free access to a selection of South African National Parks from the 12-16th September. So get out there :-)

flower season northern cape





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