Cape Town certainly has no shortage of coffee shops. However, some are no doubt more popular than others – be it due to sheer hype, standard of service or quality of food. For me it’s all about the vibe I get when I walk into a place, no matter how ‘cool’ its supposed to be. I spent the morning in central Cape Town a few weeks ago and decided to pop into two trendy Cape Town CBD cafés. The one I’ve been to before and the other I was visiting for the first time.

trendy Cape Town CBD Cafes

Honest To Goodness Chocolate and Coffee

Honest Chocolate Café is just way too cool for its name. Situated on the bustling Whale street, just around the corner from the happening Bree street, you’d almost walk right past if you didn’t know the goodness that awaited you inside. My initial visit to this café was a few months ago when I was seeking refuge from the First Thursdays masses and I instantly loved the place. Honest Chocolate, as is evident from the name, is first and foremost an artisanal chocolate company producing pure handcrafted chocolate. But don’t be fooled.. At night, the secret gin bar opens up in the café’s courtyard making it more than your average coffee shop.

trendy Cape Town CBD cafes

A Taste of Paris at the Village Café

The Village  Café exudes french flair. Easy-going yet sophisticated and trendy at the same time. You’ll have to do a bit more searching to find this hidden gem but hey, coincidentally that’s what I’m all about! It’s tucked away on Waterkant street behind the ever popular Somerset road. Parking is quite a battle but if you can find a spot  to squeeze into, be sure to pop into this little corner café. We didn’t stay long and only had two freshly squeezed juices but the hideaway location of the Village Café definitely appealed to me and I’ll surely be back to sample the menu.

So the next time you find yourself in the area, make a turn at these trendy Cape Town CBD Cafés. One of them might just turn into a favourite.

trendy cape town cafes




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