I haven’t done one of these life update posts in quite a while. But as some of you may or may not know, I’ve just given birth to our first born and thought it fitting to provide a little update. Now emphasis on the ‘little’ part as I’m a very private person and that’s also why you haven’t seen a lot of pregnancy updates on the blog or social media. I’m old school and believe certain things should be kept sacred and out of the public eye.

I Don’t Believe I’ve Quite Explained myself…

A life-changing event prompted me to change my blog’s focus last year July. The death of a close friend and the decline of our currency made me re-evaluate certain things. Mr G and I would’ve been off on a tour of Europe but the weak rand forced us to cancel our plans. This begged the question – why are we always overlooking what’s right in front of us in favour of what we perceive to be better?  What was wrong with a South African holiday? A place we were actually familiar with as opposed to a foreign country we were going to take a gamble on. I’ve always loved road trips; have always been the getaway planner in our circle of friends and that’s what I wanted to show more of. And that’s how the new niche was born.

Camelot Spa Le Franschhoek

Out With the Old

Fashion blogging was too superficial and just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. To be frank, I think it was the best decision I could’ve made for my blog to switch from personal style to travel blogging. I honestly haven’t enjoyed blogging as much as I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I liked documenting my quirky modern/vintage style but I’m passionate about local travel and there’s a big difference between ‘like’ and passion.

I’ve also made so many new and meaningful connections since making the switch to travel blogging. It’s all good and well publishing a post and sharing it on social media but engagement is much more important and rewarding. Growth comes much easier when you enjoy what you’re doing and I can definitely bear testament to it. This little online space of mine started as a side-line hobby but has evolved into so much more. It may not have the biggest following but I’m super proud of my little blog and what it stands for.

Glen Eden farm

A New Dawn

However, I’ve entered a new phase of my life – becoming a mother. It’s the best feeling ever but also the most overwhelming. I’m now responsible for another human life so naturally I want to give it my all. That being said, I’ll be taking a little break from blogging. As much as I love exploring our beautiful country, I won’t be doing much of it for the next few weeks – possibly even months. Life is fleeting and I want to cherish every moment with our little one. They do grow up so fast after all! I will still be posting the Local Travel is Lekker blog series every week (scheduled well in advance obviously!) and still post the odd social media update – just not blogging for now.

Now on to the Good Stuff!

So to say thank you to everyone who’s supported my blog so far and welcomed the new direction it took, I’d like to do my first giveaway. Now it’s nothing extravagant but will definitely come in handy for all the long weekends coming up if you’re planning a getaway. I have a R200 Lekkeslaap voucher to give away to one reader which can be redeemed at any one of their 8000 nationwide establishments.

The competition will run from the 5 April – 13 April and the winner will be announced the 14 April on the blog’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please bear in mind, this giveaway is both to reward loyal readers and increase the engagement and reach of the blog. So please do not enter merely for the sake of winning and if you have no interest in the blog’s content. There won’t be any hard feelings! To enter, simply complete the actions below. Good luck!


Win a R200 LekkeSlaap Voucher




Author: Gaynor

Half city dweller. Half road trip explorer. Full supporter of local South African travel!

16 Replies to “Life Update And The Blog’s First Little Giveaway

  1. Oh my goodness Gaynor, I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on the arrival of your precious baby! ❤ I think the decision to take a break is a good one, because time really does fly once you have a baby. I never felt time go by as quickly before I had Zee, and it makes me a little sad! Savor every second, every stage. xx

  2. Enjoy your little one! Time does pass very quickly – mine are already 15 and 19. I love going to the Drakensberg

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