If you’re a South African, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Local is Lekker phrase. It celebrates and promotes everything South African. This phrase was the inspiration for a new series on my blog – Local Travel is Lekker. I’m an avid supporter of local South African travel and feel extremely blessed to live in this beautiful country. Therefore I’ve decided to feature like-minded bloggers and travellers who share my Local Travel is Lekker sentiment and hopefully this series will inspire our South African citizens to get out there and explore this exquisite country.

This week’s featured blogger is Jacqui from The Jax Blog.


1) What do you love most about South Africa?

The people and the food. We have such a richly diverse melting pot of cultures in South Africa. This is clearly evident through our food. From the deliciously moreish biltong to the sweet aniseed koeksisters of the Cape Malay. Braai vleis (barbecue meat), milktart and everything in between, I can’t get enough! We’re a very hospitable crowd, us South Africans, and most social gatherings centre around food.

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2) What is your first local travel memory?

My first local trip would have to be when I was a wee tot and my parents road tripped off to Zululand. I reckon my incurable wanderlust is all their fault ;-) I couldn’t have been more than 2 at the time. My fondest memories of riding in a rickshaw and meeting a Zulu man in traditional garb. Never shy but always fascinated by other cultures, eager to learn more…some things never change ;-)


3) What’s your favourite place to visit in your hometown?

West coast best coast …I love the west coast reserve near Langebaan the water is so warm and clear turquoise blue. During the springtime, the wildflowers cover the hills in a rainbow coloured blanket. Mother Nature really shows off during this season and it’s well worth a visit just to catch a glimpse of her beauty.


4) What’s on your South African travel bucket list?

So many good spots I haven’t been to but on the top of my list is Maatjiesfontein. I’ve been dying to check out this retro little town frozen in time with the broekie lace gabled houses. Located in the heart of the Karoo on South Africa’s longest wine route 62, this little dorpie is home to an impressive collection of vintage muscle cars dating back to the 1930s. For that reason alone, I need to make the trek.

local travel is lekker

5) What are your top tips for planning a local getaway?

  • Road trips are the best way to see the lay of the land, so I’d suggest taking one!
  • Be spontaneous; don’t plan too far ahead for a road trip (unless travelling in Peak season you may want to check availability first)
  • Make sure your car is in good condition and that you’ve checked your tyres, oil and water and that everything is in working order.
  • Always let someone know where you are going if planning a solo adventure. Heaven forbid, you end up in a remote part of the world with no cell phone reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Travel with a friend, it’s safer and a lot more fun. You get to share some laughs and great padkos (my mother is famed for this)
  • Essentials: Camera, Phone, Sunblock, Sunglasses and a mapbook (some areas have no Wi-Fi so you can’t use that GPS ;-)
  • If travelling to a remote dorpie that may not have ATMs, make sure that you have enough cash on hand
  • Lastly, the best plan is no plan! Enjoy each day as it comes discovering new things about your destination.


6) Where can we follow your blog? 







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How Do I Jump on the Local Travel is Lekker taxi?

That concludes this week’s Local Travel is Lekker blogger feature. Be sure to stop by every week to be inspired by another local traveller and awaken your own wanderlust for local South African travel. Join the conversation on social media with the Local Travel is Lekker hashtag. And if you’re interested in participating, get in touch with me!



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