If you’re a South African, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Local is Lekker phrase. It celebrates and promotes everything South African. This phrase was the inspiration for a new series on my blog – Local Travel is Lekker. I’m an avid supporter of local South African travel and feel extremely blessed to live in this beautiful country. Therefore I’ve decided to feature like-minded bloggers and travellers who share my Local Travel is Lekker sentiment and hopefully this series will inspire our South African citizens to get out there and explore this exquisite country.

This week’s featured blogger is Roelia who runs two blogs Social Savage (with her husband) and Boozy Foodie.


1) What do you love most about South Africa?

The pure diversity – landscape, cultures, people.  There is a travel destination for everyone – from bungalows in the Kruger, to luxury suites in Sandton hotels, to backpacking in the Drakensberg. In one country you will find glorious beaches that goes on for miles, impressive and imposing mountain ranges, vineyards as far as the eye can see and the vast landscapes of the Karoo.  Truly magical, isn’t it?

2) What is your first local travel memory?

Travelling to visit my Gran in the small little town of Adelaide, in the Eastern Cape.  In the middle of winter. My Dad preferred to drive at night, so I remember lying on the back seat – watching the brightest stars in the darkest night, barely moving.  And the soft soothing sound of the moving car lulling me to sleep.  Then, waking up with the smell of Gran’s freshly baked bread and moerkoffie.  Ahhh, happy place!

local travel is lekker

3) What’s your favourite place to visit in your hometown?

My Dad was in the Army so we moved around – a lot!  We moved every couple of years (maybe that is where my wanderlust comes from), and we lived in almost every single province.  KZN, Free State, North West, Northern Cape and even spent 5 years in total in Namibia.  So it is really difficult to choose a hometown in the traditional sense of the word!  LOL!  My folks and brother currently live in Bloemfontein, and I studied there as well.  I also met my husband there.  Although it was unsafe to do so for a good couple of years, it is always cool to drive up Naval Hill.  Recently the area was upgraded and developed though – so there are wooden lookout decks and even a restaurant (that still needs to open though!) A fantastic lookout point – overlooking the city (or town??) and just take in the unique landscape.

4) What’s on your South African travel bucket list?

Believe it or not – we still haven’t been to the Drakensberg?  I know, right?

5) What are your top tips for planning a local getaway?

Do your research!  I always use TripAdvisor as a guide, to see what other people’s feedback is.  Not that I value the opinion of random strangers so highly, but we all heard the stories about the people who booked a holiday home online and it looks NOTHING like the photos when they arrive!

It is good to go with personal recommendations as well, especially when it comes to what to do in the area.  We usually have very busy holidays/getaways because I always want to explore!  Food, wine, good restaurants and other attractions are quite high on my list of requirements.  My Mom always jokes and says that everyone needs a holiday AFTER going on holiday with me!  LOL!  My point of view – we drove so far to get there, may as well make the most of it!  That is possibly also why I enjoy a relaxing staycation as well – then we usually take it easier because whatever is around us won’t disappear!  So that will also be a good tip – decide what kind of getaway you need.  Is it just to unwind, read a book in a beautiful spot and take long afternoon naps?  Or do you want to explore every inch of the area you are visiting.

local travel is lekker

6) Where can we follow your blog?

I have a joint blog with my Hubby.  He takes the most amazing photos and often has a quirky view of our adventures!  You can find us on www.socialsavage.co.za.  I also have a little side-project where I share news of upcoming events, little snippets of lifestyle related information and the odd recipe or two – that one is on www.boozyfoodie.co.za.  Also find me on Twitter as @GPBoozyFoodie and on Instagram GPBoozyFoodie – Let’s chat!

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How Do I Jump on the Local Travel is Lekker taxi?

That concludes this week’s Local Travel is Lekker blogger feature. Be sure to stop by every week to be inspired by another local traveller and awaken your own wanderlust for local South African travel. Join the conversation on social media with the Local Travel is Lekker hashtag. And if you’re interested in participating, get in touch with me!



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