Stuffed at Stacked Diner on Kloof Street

Stuffed at Stacked Diner on Kloof Street

I’ve got a confession to make…  I’ve got a slight weakness for flapjacks and milkshakes. So when I heard about Stacked Diner in Cape Town a few months ago I knew I had to get there stat. Of course as life would have it, it took us quite a few months to actually get there but when we finally did, it was so worth it. On a rainy afternoon last week we decided this would be the day for epic flapjacks and headed to Stacked Diner on Kloof Street.

Mine, ALL mine.😁

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The Best in the West?

When we arrive we have the diner all to ourselves and can pick and choose where we want to sit. Being in love with rain, I obviously opt for a window seat so we can people watch too. The first thing my eye catches on the menu (besides the flapjacks) are the variety of milkshake flavours. Mr G and I both go for the peanut butter choc caramel milkshakes. The shakes are hand spun, meaning they don’t use a blender to make them.  I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect milkshake and so far Stacked Diner tops the list! I finish mine in five minutes flat and wonder why an equally big deal is not being made about these shakes on social media.

stacked diner

Bring It On

Having only had breakfast the morning, we’re ravenous and order the five stack Classic Stacked Jacks. These are the buttermilk flapjacks topped with bacon and maple syrup. Our waiter warns us that five of their flapjacks are not for the weak but we’re feeling cocky and tell him to bring it on. The flapjacks are hot and fresh and the maple syrup glides over it creating a salty sweet party. We devour 3 flapjacks before we surrender and prove our waiter right. He consoles us by saying we still did good.

I’ll be Back Stacked Diner

We finish off our epic Stacked Diner meal with Bootlegger cappuccinos while we rub our satisfied tummies. The diner starts to fill up and I can see why customers take the sign in the corner which reads: “Come back soon. Like tomorrow… or something” so seriously. Check them out on Facebook if you don’t believe me.



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  1. Those are the thickest flapjacks I’ve ever seen! The bacon and maple syrup sounds like just the perfect touch and the milkshake sounds like heaven! LOL about the sign. Very cute.


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