Same Mistake by James Blunt – poetry in a song. I personally believe this is the most beautiful song ever written. It has so much emotion and insight into the writer that it draws you in and makes you experience the writer’s feelings. That to me, is the best kind of writing.

The type that takes you on the exact journey which the writer intended and you don’t even need to ask or research meanings, you know exactly what it means. This would typically be considered a sad and depressing song but I love personal songs and writings like this. It’s the type I will still be listening to in ten years because it has that kind of impact on the listener.

I believe poetry and music go hand in hand. Especially if it’s personal and has true meaning. It can transcend barriers and connect strangers. There’s nothing more wonderful.

I, much like James Blunt, have a very sombre writing style. It’s not that I’m always sad, I just simply like it. My writing is also influenced a lot by observations of people. So I will now share with you one of my poems, nothing earth shattering, but it’s mine.


Author: Gaynor

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