I haven’t been doing much “Food For Thought” posts lately but I will definitely be doing more from now on because if there’s one thing I’ve realised in recent times, its that life is not one big fashion and beauty extravaganza.

I read an article in a local magazine a few weeks ago about a girl who is suffering from Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PH). In short, she needs a lung transplant. She and her family wait by the phone everyday in the hopes that it’ll ring, letting them know that a donor with two healthy lungs has been found. But what struck me most about the article is when the girl said that whenever she sees someone light a cigarette she feels like going over to them and telling them to give her their lungs because she could really use it. It basically comes down to healthy people taking their health for granted, not knowing how lucky they are and what other people would give to be in their position.

I read the article, felt affected by it, paused for a moment to think and then just moved on. Which got me thinking, how often do we do that? Get affected by something we read, see or hear about and then just swiftly move along after our moments of thought about the issue. We don’t give it time to really sink in and think about the implications of it, how we approach our own lives and what we can do to better live and value it. I’ll admit, I’m a big culprit of that behaviour until today when I received some bad news of my own.

It made me really think. About what’s important to me. What really matters in life. It made me realise that I’ve been taking my health for granted. Been too preoccupied with the superficial things, which in the end are going to bring me absolutely nothing in life. It made me realise that I want to do greater things with my life, be a better person, make a difference, not waste so much time. Because others’ simply do not have the time that we so much take for granted.

I think we need these wake-up calls from time to time. As reminders that as clichC) as it sounds, life really is a gift. It’s a gift that we have received from a divine power, which we have to appreciate every single day because it can be cut short and taken away at any time.


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