Women’s day is celebrated in the 9th of August every year in South Africa. It is a public holiday which means it’s a big deal. The day is in honour of the women who fearlessly marched and fought against the Urban Areas Act of 1950 in 1956. The protest was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams.

Women’s day has consequently become Women’s month with tributes being paid to women in various ways. One such form being a bloggers’ tag. I was tagged by Jabi of Closet Freedom for the Women’s Month Tribute to pay homage to a special lady in my life. As I always say, I’m a big supporter of women supporting and uplifting women so it was very difficult for me to choose just one woman. But I chose my darling sister, Sade and this is my open letter to her.

Dear Sade

Since your very first day of school when you ran after me straight out of your pre-school class after the school bell rang crying, “Gaynor please don’t leave!”, I knew we shared a special bond. That day my heart broke into a million pieces. So I spent every day at break time watching you play on the jungle gym just to put you at ease and of cause to make sure that you were okay and put myself at ease! My friends thought it was totally unnecessary but I couldn’t care less what they thought. Then there were our many experiments; weird sandwich combinations (which we ate!), making handbags (from Mom’s scatter cushions covers!) and staying up until the early hours of the morning to test cheat codes on Playstations games. We’d dance to Spice Girls and now that we’re older it’s Beyonce so not much has changed! Remember the day we drank a 5 litre jug of grape juice because it tasted so good we just couldn’t stop?!

You have always been the one who ‘got’ me. We’ve laughed, cried, fought, shared secrets and our hearts desires. Not to mention stealing each other’s clothes and makeup! You’re the first one I message when I’m in disbelief, anger or sheer joy about something because you’ll always know exactly what to say. You’re the only person I trust with the buying of a wardrobe item because you understand my style completely.

Though the years may come and go and life deals us ever-changing blows, we remain close as ever. And that is the most reassuring thing a girl can ask for.

Now before I ramble on forever, that’s my letter. I’ll be doing my tags on Twitter so be sure to check it out. Happy Women’s Month all you fabulous ladies!

xxx Tulips & Phoenixes xxx

Author: Gaynor

Half city dweller. Half road trip explorer. Full supporter of local South African travel!

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  1. Had tears in my eyes when reading this and I remember every single moment. And you did not just watch me play on the jungle gym, you picked me up so that I can “swing” from bar to bar because I couldn’t do it on my own lol. Too sweet. Love you sis! Biiiig hugs and kisses

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