It’s a scorching hot 40 degree day when we hit the road for Vindoux Guest Farm in Tulbagh. This was the first installment of our wedding anniversary celebrations. The second being at Crown restaurant in the Durbanville Wine Valley. The road is hot and busy but as soon as we arrive at our destination the heat is forgotten. Instinctively the first thing I want to do is take photos upon arrival. So imagine my surprise (and colossal disappointment) when I whip out the camera and the dreaded ‘no SD card’ message pops up. Blame it on our overworked minds. Yet again the old faithful iPhone has to step in and save the day. As the social media saying goes; it didn’t happen if there’s no photos.

vindoux guest farm

Not Your Average Tree Houses at Vindoux Guest Farm

Due to work keeping us very busy, we could only stay for one night and therefore chose the Sunday Night Serenity Special. This included a stay in one of the luxury tree houses where you’re seriously spoiled with 360 degree views. Walking up to your tree house’s front door you’re overlooking the vineyards and swimming pool. Slide open the patio door and you’re greeted by mountains, orchards, grazing zebra and wildebeest! Once we’d come to terms with this sheer beauty, we decide to go for a dip in the pool to cool off and explore the grounds a little further.

vindoux guest farm

Romantic Dinner With a View

When we get back to our shabby chic decorated tree house, it’s time for our three course dinner. This is devoured on our balcony while taking in our stunning surroundings and enjoying each others’ company. Great care is taken at Vindoux Guest Farm to make your stay as memorable as possible. From the preparation of the food, to the decor and the friendly, helpful staff. The following morning we have a proper farm house breakfast before heading to the on site day spa for our relaxing massages. We lounge around in the lush gardens a bit while playing with the resident fur baby before reluctantly heading home. It was only a short one night stay but it had made a world of difference to restoring our minds and bodies.

vindoux guest farm


vindoux guest farm




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