Happy New Year! Yes, the much anticipated brand spanking new 2016 is here and it’s a leap year which means you’ve got an extra day to reach those goals. I absolutely love inspirational quotes because it just gives one that extra motivational nudge in the right direction every now and then. It’s especially good for those times you feel like throwing in the towel, just to remind you that others too have fought this life battle and that they’ve won the battle so why can’t you?!

That’s why I thought that instead of reflecting on 2015, I’d compile a little list of inspirational quotes for 2016. I purposefully did not do a recap of the past year because however good or bad it might’ve been, I believe in looking forward to continually grow and improve oneself. Besides that, everyone is not at the same stage of their life journey so some might be finding it a little more difficult than others. Some may need to let go of a few things first or build up that extra bit of courage. But guess what? That’s okay! There’s always time to make a change, there’s no deadline in life to make a positive change – you can start at anytime you feel like turning over a new leaf. Just take the step! The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy life to the full. Bottom line. That is after all what we’re all in it for – the pursuit of happiness.

Hope you enjoy reading my inspirational quotes for the new year. The quotes are intentionally comprehensive, so there’s no interpretation necessary. May it inspire you to take 2016 by the horns and make it your year. Feel free to add some more quotes or words of wisdom you think may help motivate everyone this year.

inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes

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  1. I definitely need to let go of dead weight this year!! Past 2 years have been filled so much worry and ‘future anxiety’ and I desperately need to let that go!! I saved some quotes of my phone! Thanks!!


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