I’m an introvert and I have absolutely no problem with that. I love my privacy but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being surrounded by or engaging with people. It probably sounds weird for an introvert to be a blogger because introverts don’t usually like drawing attention to themselves. Growing up I’ve had my fair share of judgements about my introvert self and for those who still don’t get us, I’ve decided to share a few common misconceptions about introverts.

1. We’re afraid to speak up

Introverts might be shy but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to speak up. Yes, there’s a difference. Personally, I don’t usually speak up in a room full of people unless there’s something I really want to say or get off my chest. I just don’t see the need to answer “any questions?” prompt if there isn’t anything pertinent to say.

2. We’re stuck-up

This is probably the most common assumption about introverts. Due to the fact that we don’t mingle easily, it’s often assumed that we don’t want to mingle or that we think we’re better than everyone else. This obviously, couldn’t be further from the truth. Introverts are not anti-social; we’re just not into small talk that much.

3. We’re just plain boring

Oh yes, this was basically the reason for my very small circle of friends during high school. Although I do prefer to keep my circles small, because we’re quiet beings by nature, people tend to assume we’re uninteresting and don’t bother to get to know us. They’re probably thinking what the heck they’d talk to us about! I can assure you, there’ll be no awkward silences when you befriend an introvert. Just ask our friends – that’s after all the reason they’re still friends with us!

4. We’re depressed

Just because someone is an introvert it does not mean they’re depressed. There was a time back in college when I was into pitch black long hair. That coupled with my introverted nature obviously didn’t help much to dispel any depression assumptions. Still, this doesn’t warrant any conclusions to be drawn about me or anyone else for that matter. Bottom line is, we’re not unhappy because we not as social as everyone else, it’s just a matter of preference as with everything in life.

I’m sure my fellow introverts found the above familiar and there’s many more I misconceptions I could’ve added – after all I’ve been doing this introvert thing my entire life – but I wanted to keep it to the point. I just hope this post helps the ‘think before you judge’ cause.

xxx Tulips & Phoenixes xxx

Author: Gaynor

Half city dweller. Half road trip explorer. Full supporter of local South African travel!

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    1. Thank you for reading Desle :-) I totally agree with you, we’re all different and it’s okay to be, we just have to accept and embrace that fact.

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