The other day amidst its autumn yoyo weather patterns, Cape Town surprised us with a bright and sunny day. I’m talking not a single cloud in sight – basically perfection. Being on a weekend, you’d think the first thing that would pop into my head is to hop in the car with hubby and head for the great outdoors but alas that was not the case. You see, we’re adults now and adulting does not care for beautiful sunny days.

you know you're adulting when

So what did I end up doing on this picture perfect day? Load up the washing machine of course! Taking to Twitter, it seemed many others knew the feeling all too well, as they too were adulting. This got me thinking, how many other things we do differently now that we’re full-blown adulting. In light of this, I thought I’d share some more adulthood facts. You know you’re adulting when:

1. Those free community newspapers arrive at your doorstep and the first thing you look for are the supermarkets’ promo pamphlets.
2. When TGIF means ordering a pizza (perhaps even baking some cupcakes) and getting comfortable in front of the TV instead of hitting up the town.
3. You actively participate (and sometimes even provide solutions) in discussions about the risings costs of electricity, groceries and petrol. I mean R30 for an avo?!
4. For the ladies; household appliances and cleaning agents actually takes preference over that ‘must-have item’ of the season.

you known you're adulting when

5. You consider cleaning the house as your 30-45 minutes of exercise a day because you’re so exhausted after that.
6. It’s not a normal day if you don’t get your daily dose of 6 text messages and 3 phone calls offering everything from pet cover to a R100k loan at ‘ridiculously-low-for-today-only’ rates.

you know you're adulting when

Oh yes, being an adult is so much fun – exactly as we pictured it would be when we wished for it during our younger days.

xxx Gaynor xxx

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  1. Hahaha, this was so funny and absolutely true. I nodded to everything. To tell you the honest truth I still don’t feel like a adult. I am super young at heart even though I am forehead deep in adulting ;-D

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