Cape Town winters are not for the faint-hearted and the past few days have proved that. Even though we’re still technically in autumn, according to me it’s already winter because er it’s freezing outside. I’m a full-on December summer baby but I love winter. Now I know there’s a lot of people who loathe winter and are dreading the next few months but there’s a few reasons to love the icy season that might just change your mind. So I’ve compiled a few of those reasons to love winter, partly to get myself through the season as well because heck even a winter lover needs some motivation!

You sleep better in winter

The days are shorter and the nights are longer so you get into ‘sleep mode’ much quicker in winter than summer. Yes, it’s a bit more difficult to get out of bed in the morning during winter but you sleep much cosier at night (thanks to hot water bottles, heaters and mountains of blankets) so you get in those 40 winks easier than in the scorching summer heat. Plus, you get to indulge in overly long bubble (or Lush, whatever you prefer) baths before bed!

Discounted rates anyone?

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Personally, I love planning my escape from reality during winter because a) it’s much more quiet and b) it’s way more affordable. You’ll obviously have to miss out on a few things, like taking a dip in the pool for example, but then of course you’d look for a spot with a jacuzzi or heated pool and still win!

Hiding bad hair days

Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do during summer to hide a bad hair day. That straw hat might look good poolside and at a picnic but not so much indoors. In winter on the other hand you’ve got an array of options to choose from; berets, beanies, faux fur cossacks – take your pick and you’ll still look ridiculously stylish both indoors and outdoors!

Getting to work on that summer body

I’ve never done the summer body thing. Ever. I love hot chocolate and malva pudding with custard way too much. But I do find it much easier to do some exercise during winter. Why? Because it warms me up of course! I hate exercising in summer. It’s already hot and you’re about to go for a run or walk on the treadmill and overheat. But in winter I’m freezing when I get on the treadmill and jumping around like a spring chicken by the time I’m done and I get to shed a few kilos in the process.

There you have it, some tangible reasons to love winter (other than soup and fresh bread). Let me know how you get through the dry skin season!

xxx Gaynor xxx

Author: Gaynor

Half city dweller. Half road trip explorer. Full supporter of local South African travel!

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  1. Lol! I’m also a super huge fan of winter! For the past 2 weeks, in order to wake up I would get out of my room and walk outside to get a bit of the chill to wake up. It’s cruel but it really works!!!

    Lovely post!!

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