If there’s one thing that instantly attracts me to a shop, restaurant or anywhere for that matter; it’s the decor. I’m a sucker for a place with beautiful decor. So when I saw some photos of Isabella’s Willowbridge I was pretty much sold, without having so much as peeped at their menu. I knew I had found the perfect spot for my dear sister’s birthday brunch. What more could a girl ask for than delicious food and dreamy decor!

Isabella's Willowbridge

As the name suggests, this particular branch is situated in the airy Willowbridge. Isabella’s Willowbridge has indoor as well as outdoor seating but if you want to get lost in their boho chic decor you’d be wise to choose the indoor seating. Baskets filled with flowers adorn the stair railings, floral wallpaper evokes a tea garden feeling and a mirror lined wall adds a touch of glamour – perfect for small functions.

We made a reservation a few days before so we had a cosy little table in the corner which was also the best spot to admire the chandeliers from. Having arrived a little too late for breakfast and a little too early for lunch we chose to have something light to eat. So after browsing the menu for quite some time (our waiter had to return three times before we decided!), we settled on a chicken and gorgonzola and smoked salmon wrap. Of course no brunch or winter meal is complete without a giant cappuccino!

Isabella's Willowbridge

The staff are super friendly and welcoming which I have  to say, is obviously a big deciding factor when it comes to returning to a restaurant. My sister and I ate, drank and chatted away for almost three hours and someone would come around to our table regularly to check if we needed anything. I have to make special mention of Trudy who so beautifully wished my sister and told us about the special bond she shares with her own daughter. I really love it when places go the extra mile to make their customers feel at home and valued. Isabella’s Willowbridge will most certainly see us again and next time we’re ordering from that yummy breakfast menu!

Isabella's Willowbridge

Isabella's Willowbridge





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