Hubby and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 30th November and decided to commemorate the day at Fyndraai restaurant at Solms-Delta wine estate.  I must admit, I never really ‘got’ people who made a big fuss about their wedding anniversary but I’ve come to understand just how significant this day is. It’s the day you reflect how far you’ve come as a couple since your union. How you’ve grown and how your bond has strengthened. That is the significance of a wedding anniversary – not the fancy dates and gifts. But enough of the soppy stuff, let’s get on to the yummy stuff – food of course!

A Special Place

Solms-Delta  wine estate holds a special place in our hearts since we attended their Oesfees (Harvest Festival) two years ago. We loved the way they celebrated South African heritage. One thing in particular stuck with me that day. The owner of the wine estate acknowledged the fact that there were a lot of tourists in the crowd but stated that he could not speak English because he had to consider and accommodate his own local Afrikaans people first. I absolutely loved that statement. So when I ran into a bit of trouble making the restaurant booking, that didn’t deter me as I really wanted to spend time at Solms-Delta again.

lunch Fyndraai restaurant Solms-Delta

Fyndraai restaurant has a 100% traditional Cape cuisine menu so you won’t find any fancy French dishes here which in all honesty is right up my alley. You can expect samoosas, snoek and even pickled spekboom! We decided to go for the prawn and hake spring rolls with sweet chili and coriander as a starter. Our main choice was shredded lamb roosterbrood with fried potatoes and baked sweet potato sides. The food was served piping hot and fresh. We were filled instantly but couldn’t pass up on their delicious dessert menu! We went for fynbos ice cream and malva pudding which simply melted in our mouths and rounded off our three course meal perfectly.

lunch Fyndraai restaurant Solms-Delta

Visit Fyndraai restaurant if you love local food or want a uniquely South African taste experience and Solms-Delta wine estate if you’re a South African who’s proud to show off their heritage.

fyndraai restaurant solms-delta



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