If you’re a South African, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Local is Lekker phrase. It celebrates and promotes everything South African. This phrase was the inspiration for a new series on my blog – Local Travel is Lekker. I’m an avid supporter of local South African travel and feel extremely blessed to live in this beautiful country. Therefore I’ve decided to feature like-minded bloggers and travellers who share my Local Travel is Lekker sentiment and hopefully this series will inspire our South African citizens to get out there and explore this exquisite country.

This week’s featured blogger is Stephanie Marthinus from A Bunch of Nuts Fell Out.


1) What do you love most about South Africa?

The people but most importantly, the diverse cultures we have. That in essence makes up all the reasons why I love to travel locally. To see and do everything South Africa has to offer that other countries can’t. Also, I’m obsessed with everything nature or visiting any beach I haven’t been to. South Africa supports my wanderlust desire from the beautiful ocean scenes to the landscape mountain terrain.

local travel is lekker

2) What is your first local travel memory?

When I was 14, my family and I went to Hartenbos in Mossel Bay and we traveled not only in and around Mossel Bay but we drove to Oudtshoorn to explore the Cango Caves. After that, I was hooked to do more traveling. So whenever people say they’re going somewhere, I will always ask if I can go with. I still do it!

local travel is lekker

3) What’s your favourite place to visit in your hometown?

You won’t believe it but it’s Sea Point, just to play Putt-putt. For years, it’s been a family tradition to play at least once a year during the holidays. Now, I play two to three times a year with my partner, Courtney Hans, who can never seem to beat me!

4) What’s on your South African travel bucket list?

The Garden Route is at the top of my bucket list which I will live out at the end of the year. As well as Mpumalanga to explore the Blyde River Canyon and God’s Window. Another one on my list is Swaziland. My mom was there in her younger days and the pictures make me want to live there.

local travel is lekker

5) What are your top tips for planning a local getaway?

1.Go to a place you’ve never been – If I’m planning a getaway, I take a map of Cape Town and pinpoint where I haven’t been and start there.

2.Look at reviews – If more than one person had a bad experience at a place, you probably will too so avoid it at all costs.

3.Research what activities there are – This will make your gateway more fun, particularly if there are an array of fun things to do and it’s something you haven’t tried before.

4.Take in the experience – You only live once so make the most of your vacation.

6) Where can we follow your blog?

Blog: abunchofnutsfellout.wordpress.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephaniemarthinus/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abunchofnutsfelloutblog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephanieMarthi


How Do I Jump on the Local Travel is Lekker taxi?

That concludes this week’s Local Travel is Lekker blogger feature. Be sure to stop by every week to be inspired by another local traveller and awaken your own wanderlust for local South African travel. Join the conversation on social media with the Local Travel is Lekker hashtag. And if you’re interested in participating, get in touch with me!

local travel is lekker

All images: Stephanie Marthinus


Author: Gaynor

Half city dweller. Half road trip explorer. Full supporter of local South African travel!

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