It’s the battle of the top Cape Town coffee shops – Truth Coffee VS Bootlegger Coffee Company. In the one corner we’ve got the quirky steampunk Truth Coffee and in the other corner, the trendy Bootlegger Coffee Co.  Now I don’t claim to be a coffee connoisseur of any sorts. I just love good coffee and great service and that’s what these reviews are based on. So with the cafe culture in Cape Town being so popular let’s dive straight into it!

A weekend of early starts has not been good to my body.? Let’s attack this Monday and get some rest later.??

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Truth Coffee – Buitenkant Street

On a late Sunday morning we make a spur of the moment decision to head to Cape Town for a coffee run. First stop is Truth Coffee. I’d never been to any of the popular Cape Town coffee shops so now was as good a time as any. Truth Coffee is packed and bustling with activity. We’re lucky to find a comfortable couch and table. I’m in the mood for something flavoured and go for the expresso hot chocolate.

True to their ‘no sugar required’ suggestion, the coffee really is that good and doesn’t need any sugar. I’m not sure if it’s because of the flavoured option I went for but I’m glad to forego the extra calories! Despite an extremely busy Sunday, the service at Truth Coffee is prompt and friendly and it’s what I appreciate the most. We leave Truth Coffee passing queuing patrons on the way out, proving how in demand this coffee shop really is.

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Bootlegger Coffee Company – Sea Point

We head to Bootlegger Coffee Co next. Traffic is crazy and it seems everyone is out in the Cape Town CBD this morning. The top Cape Town coffee shops are just way too in demand because when we get there it’s equally packed. We sit at the window overlooking the busy Regent road. It’s me and the flavours again so I go for a Honey Nut Latté . We opt for coffee-to-go and decide to take a walk on the Sea Point promenade which is just a side street away. My latté needs a dash of sweetness but it’s as good as they come and gives me the kick I need to navigate the traffic back home.

So Which One of the Cape Town Coffee Shops Wins the Battle?

Seeing that our coffee run was a rather impromptu decision, we didn’t spend much time at either of the two. We did however have the most important thing – coffee! Both definitely proved their gold status by serving top notch quality coffee. But despite both coffee shops experiencing busy days (which I’m sure is the case almost every day) we received more speedy service at Truth Coffee. So I guess Truth takes the title by one advantage!




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