I’m back with the first post in over two months. After haphazardly posting my Local Travel is Lekker series posts I’ve decided to try and get back into blogging. And yet as I’m typing this I’m down with the flu. Damn you Murphy. I did however get some of my rhythm back two weeks ago with a post pregnancy massage at Mommy Wellness Day Spa in Durbanville. A close friend of mine gifted me with the massage after pitying my swollen ankles.

But Why a Post Natal and Not Pre-Natal Massage?

I had been Google’ing the crap out of pregnancy massages and spas in Cape Town but more particularly, pregnancy massages in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town as I just never have the patience for Southern Surburbs traffic and lack of parking.  So I’d heard of Mommy Wellness before and had mentioned it casually to my friend. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I received the gift voucher for a post natal massage as it was after all my swollen pregnancy ankles that prompted the gift. But my friend knowingly stated (having two boys herself) that I would need it way more after the baby was born. Boy was she right.

post pregnancy massage mommy wellness

My Post Pregnancy Massage at Mommy Wellness Day Spa  – Bliss!

I had been dreaming of my full body aromatherapy massage for weeks but as luck (and a newborn) would have it, I arrived nearly an half an hour late for my massage at Mommy Wellness Day Spa in Durbanville. Having called them to say I’d be late, I arrived flustered as we’d gotten lost too! The ladies at Mommy Wellness were extremely understanding and totally put my mind at ease in preparation for my treatment. They definitely know a thing or two about being a mom!

It was a chilly winters day but the treatment room had been warmed up beforehand so I could comfortably wrap myself in merely a towel and await the therapist. I asked for medium to firm pressure which was expertly applied to my problem areas – neck and shoulders. I nearly drifted off to dreamland (which is very easy for a tired mamma!) as the tension was massaged out of my tired body.

And I’m Back!

As with all good things, the time went by way too quickly and my blissful bubble came to an end. But I felt restored and ready to tackle my motherhood duties again. My therapist pointed out all the products she’s used during the massage which is something I liked because usually we don’t know what’s put on our bodies in those dimly lit rooms. She also said I was welcome to apply more of the products before getting dressed. I particularly liked the texture of the Bella Roze Butter Up lotion – rich and luxurious. I enjoyed some lemon water before reluctantly leaving but certainly with more of a spring in my step than what I’d arrived with.

A Pregnancy Spa Worth Its Weight

Mommy Wellness Day Spa is a fuss-free pregnancy spa that quite simply knows what a mom and mom-to-be needs. My pre natal massage was relaxing, invigorating and just what I needed. I feel like we get so wrapped up in being moms that we forget in order to take care of our little ones we need to take care of ourselves too. Motherhood is indeed a wonderful blessing but the fact is, it’s hard and taxing on the body. Let’s acknowledge that, talk about it and take steps to make it easier on ourselves. I will definitely be visiting them again for some much needed r&r.



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