With summer fast approaching, everyone is planning a trip up the Cape West Coast for some fun in the sun. A West Coast road trip is undoubtedly one of the best road trips to take in South Africa. And because of its close proximity to Cape Town, a drive up the West Coast makes for a good day road trip from Cape Town.  As the local saying goes; Weskus is die bes kus.

But with the sheer amount of Cape West Coast activities and attractions, one could easily become overwhelmed and as a result miss out on quite a few gems. But don’t despair! If you’re heading to that coastal town along the R27, here are 5 stops to make on the West Coast Road.


stops to make on the west coast road

Route 27 Roosterkoek

I’m sure quite a few of you are familiar with the popular Vygevallei Farmstall on the West Coast road. But did you know about Route 27 Roosterkoek where you can get the most delicious, generously filled curry mince roosterkoek (bread made on the grill)? Well now you do! They’re situated on the same premises as Vygevallei so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone when you make the stop. I promise it’s the best padkos (road trip food) you’ll have on your trip and it’ll fuel your belly up for the road ahead too.


stops to make on the west coast road

!Khwa ttu

If you’ve got an hour to spare, do yourself a favour and book a San guided tour at !Khwa ttu situated just outside the town of Yzerfontein off the West Coast road. The tour offers insight into the San culture – the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa.

The tour starts with an explanation of the background of the San people followed by an interactive introduction to their language explaining the difference between the unique pronunciation clicks. Thereafter you’ll be taken to the garden and shown the various plants used in their cooking and told what their medicinal value is. If you’ve got a bit more than an hour, you’ll be taken into the veld and shown exactly how the San people live by means of their hunter gatherer methods.


stops to make on the west coast road

West Coast Farmstall

You simply can’t miss the West Coast Farmstall on the Yzerfontein turn-off. This farmstall has something for the whole family – a curio shop, restaurant, nursery and aviary! So make sure you set some time aside to explore this little wonderland because with all the yummy treats on offer, things to see and friendly staff, you just might not want to leave!


stops to make on the west coast road

16 Mile Beach in Yzerfontein

So you’ve got some more time to kill on your road trip up the Cape West Coast. What now? Take the turn-off to Yzerfontein of course! Yzerfontein typically comes across as one of those sleepy Western Cape coastal towns, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides it being home to the famous beach restaurant Strandkombuis, it also boasts South Africa’s longest stretch of beach – the 16 Mile Beach. It stretches from the main beach in Yzerfontein all the way to the West Coast National Park. This is what should be referred to when they talk about leisurely walks on the beach!


stops to make on the west coast road

West Coast National Park

Quite possibly the biggest jewel of the West Coast road. The West Coast National Park is most famous for its explosion of colour which happens every year in August/September when thousands of Spring flowers blossom. The park then becomes one of the most popular places to visit on the West Coast Road and sparks hundreds of road trips as a result! But the West Coast National Park is also a perfect year-round destination as it offers a private beach, houseboat accommodation, restaurant, picnic spots, hiking trail and loads more. What’s even better is that every year the SAN Parks offers free entry to South African citizens for a full week so you have absolutely no excuse to miss this beauty!


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5 Stops to Make on the West Coast Road

When planning your West Coast road trip itinerary make sure you add some or better yet, all of these fantastic gems to your list of places to visit. You’ll have so much fun it definitely won’t be the last time they see you! And don’t worry if you don’t get around to all of them, just add them to your next list of stops to make on the West Coast road for the inevitable return holiday!



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