If you’re a South African, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Local is Lekker phrase. It celebrates and promotes everything proudly South African. This phrase was the inspiration for a new series on my blog – Local Travel is Lekker. I’m an avid supporter of local South African travel and feel extremely blessed to live in this beautiful country. Therefore I’ve decided to feature like-minded bloggers and travellers who share my Local Travel is Lekker sentiment and hopefully this series will inspire our South African citizens to get out there and explore this exquisite country.

This week’s featured blogger is Heather from 2 Summers.


1) What do you love most about South Africa?

I love South Africa’s diversity, in terms of people, geography, wildlife, and cultural experiences. Since I’m originally from America, I often say that South Africa has everything that America has, just in a smaller space. Plus lions and elephants.


local travel is lekker

2) What is your first local travel memory?

I moved to Johannesburg from Washington DC in August 2010. During my first week here my boyfriend took me on a whirlwind car tour, from Fourways in the north to Soweto in the south. That drive was my first inkling of how vast and diverse this city really is.

3) What’s your favourite place to visit in your hometown?

Assuming you mean Joburg (my adopted hometown), Fordsburg is my favorite place to visit. Fordsburg is a primarily Indian area filled with cheap and delicious curry restaurants, a boisterous outdoor market, and the Oriental Plaza, which has the best samoosas in the country.


local travel is lekker

4) What’s on your South African travel bucket list?

I dislike the term bucket list because I hate the idea of making a list of things to do before I “kick the bucket”. But a few of the places high on my list include Augrabies National Park in the Northern Cape, Mountain Zebra National Park in the Eastern Cape, Cape Agulhas, northern KZN, and more in-depth exploration of South Africa’s West Coast. The list is endless, really.

5) What are your top tips for planning a local getaway?

I personally like to be flexible and allow plenty of time to for spontaneous discovery. I don’t plan too hard anymore, but rather prefer to just let things happen. That said, I do recommend making sure that your car is on good condition and has been recently serviced, and to always be prepared for an emergency. Flat tyres happen often in South Africa.

6) Where can we follow your blog?

Blog: www.2summers.net

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @2summers



A world of adventure awaits in our own backyard.??? #WeDoTourism

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How Do I Jump on the Local Travel is Lekker taxi?

That’s a wrap on this week’s Local Travel is Lekker blogger feature. Be sure to stop by every week to be inspired by another local traveller and awaken your own wanderlust for local South African travel. Join the conversation on social media with the Local Travel is Lekker hashtag. And if you’re interested in participating, get in touch with me!



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